Flight Crew HR & Payroll Management

Let Us Take The Hassle Out of Payroll

Looking to bring back a retiree? Hire a part-time Crew member on retainer or for a short period of Time, Or just outsource a department?

JGI can help with our HR & Payroll Services Division. We can source, present and provide potential candidates or you decide on the employee, we will handle the rest.

Our HR & Payroll Services Division will process all the new hire onboarding paperwork & compliance, cover all the worker’s compensation & CGL insurance coverages, process payroll, federal and state employment tax liabilities, unemployment and payroll processing costs.

Payroll Management for Private Aircraft Crew

HR & Payroll Management Advantages

Pilots, Flight Attendants & Engineers

With our unparalleled experience as employer of record for two of the Largest Aircraft Manufactures in the aviation industry, JGI has Employees in various states within the United States and contractors throughout the world. Our commitment to provide the best solutions combined with our years of experience, allows flight departments the flexibility and efficiency they require while relieving the administrative and liability burdens.

The contractor works for JGI but the client maintains operational control. As the employer of record, JGI assumes the employer responsibilities:

  • Taxation reporting
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • General commercial liability insurance
  • Background & FAA record checks
  • Automobile Insurance Policy (rental cars, crew cars, 3rd party vehicles)
  • E-verify & DOT approved drug testing
  • Training Verifications, Updates and Document Storage
  • Human resource functions

This process allows JGI to integrate payroll functions and data with employee management thus providing better tracking and auditing of clients and employees as well as tracking full-time vs. part-time status. This is an integral part of the staffing services functions as some companies require all contractors to be employees of the staffing company while others do not.

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