Entry Into Service

A Wide Variety of Entry Into Service Support Services

Entry Into Service is providing guidance and training to an operator new to the aircraft or aviation in a number of different areas. Training in these situations requires a unique set of skills and support.

We have proven experience in providing Entry Into Service training for operations new to a particular aircraft or aviation. Whether your operation is domestic or international—short term or long term—we are here to help.

Entry Into Service Jett Group-Crew

EIS Support Services

Pilots, Flight Attendants & Engineers

  • Pilot IOE—Systems and integration syllabus that will help train crews new to the airplane with on-line experience and issues not learned in school.
  • Cabin IOE—Cabin and customer convenience syllabus that will assist your flight crews and passengers with all aspects of the items not taught in school.
  • All of our Entry Into Service Pilots have a minimum of 1000 hours in the assigned aircraft and have attended a special training session dealing in training of the familiarization of the aircraft.

Regulatory & Operations

  • Flight Operations Manual
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Certificate of Authority
  • Letter of Authorizations
  • Safety Management Systems & Audits
  • Emergency Response Plan

Maintenance & Technical

  • Database and Jeppesen Subscriptions
  • Pre-Buy, Test & Acceptance Flights
  • Warranty & Subscriptions & Programs
  • Logbook Maintenance Record-keeping
  • Coordination with Local & Service Center Maintenance Scheduling
  • Billing, Discounts & Credit Back for Warranty Items

JGI Aviation Support Advantages

Customer Service & Confidentiality

Our EIS crews have special training in customer etiquette, overall professionalism and confidentiality procedures. We understand the need for discretion. Our crews will assimilate seamlessly within your organization. We are committed to building long term relationships and providing value added service to our clients. Our success is a direct result of our clients success.

Qualified & Competent Crew Resources

All potential candidates are registered with JGI. We retain and update their pilot credentials to include training records, medical records and licenses. Our professional pilot pool incorporates thousand’s of hours of International and Domestic flying. We are pilots and personally know and have flown with all our pilots… we will not just fill a seat to swing gear!

Technical Expertise & Alliances

We partner and maintain relationships with the technical expertise and experience in a wide range of aviation regulations, requirements and audits worldwide. Our key relationships with industry leading companies augment the JGI staff.


Our flight department has had an exclusive relationship with JGI since they delivered our first Bombardier product over 5 years ago. They have been an instrumental partner in augmenting our flight department in all our mid-size and large aircraft. We have since changed our long-range aircraft to another manufacturer and JGI’s flexibility to provide qualified and customer service oriented crew across all aircraft types has added value to our ever-changing operations.

Kevin H.
Chief Pilot

Our company was referred to JGI by a major aircraft manufacture. We engaged their group to represent our company on the pre-acceptance and acceptance flights prior to our new aircraft delivery. Their company was very flexible, engaging and easy to deal with throughout the entire process. The JGI pilot that was assigned to our project was better than we ever hoped. We have utilized JGI since as our third crew member. They are an vital partner to our flight department.

Gary G.
Department Manager/Chief Pilot

We purchased a new Challenger and JGI was assigned to support our Entry-Into-Service by the manufacture. Their pilot was not only very experienced in the aircraft and the day to day operations but also was very organized in the training structure and process. They had a syllabus that rounded out a very comprehensive and thorough training program. We still use JGI support today.

Greg M.
Chief Pilot
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