Denise Tuite


Denise is co-founder and CEO of Jett Group, Inc. As a certified woman owned business, Denise has enjoyed witnessing the growth and maturity of JGI over the years. Denise primarily focuses on the day to day operations and overall management of Jett Group, Inc. Denise has been instrumental in the growth of the Aircraft Manufacture and Government contracts awarded to Jett Group, Inc and the sustainability strategies to fulfill those obligations. Moreover, Denise has led the initiatives to partner with other organizations within the aviation industry to obtain discounts and rates passed on to our clients and crewmembers.

Denise has an unwavering commitment for maintaining the integrity of Jett Group, Inc. and plays a vital role in vendor and client relationships. Denise is a graduated from Texas Tech University with a master’s degree in Business Administration. Denise has been married to her husband for more than 20 years and they have two daughters together.

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