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Temporary Aircraft Management

When managed properly, your aircraft can become the most valuable tool and resource that will open up many new opportunities. When poorly managed, your aircraft can be the source of expense, wasteful time and potential liability.

JGI’s unique Temporary Aircraft Management Program affords aircraft owners with a commitment to safety, lower operational and administrative costs and asset while you search, train and employ a crew or full time Aircraft Management Company.


Aviation Leading Safety Programs

JGI provides the highest level of safety and security while provided the highest level of service. Verifying that every flight is operated to the highest level of safety standards is a company wide culture. We can institute the programs that assure the safest operations:

  • Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  • Emergency Response Program (ERP)
  • IS-BAO Certifications
  • Crew cabin and customer response training
  • CPR, Emergency, Tele-med crew training
  • Quality Management Planning and Systems

JGI maintains the following:

  • Safety Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Risk Management System
  • Aircraft Status Report prior to each flight
  • DOT Drug Program Testing
  • International Procedures Training and Manuals
  • Passenger Verification and Identification

JGI Screeing of Employees and Contractors:

All employees, regardless of assignment or position must pass:

  • 10 year background check
  • Reference and previous employment checks
  • PRIA checks for crewmembers
  • Finger Print Criminal History Checks from TSA
  • Drug Tests and program random checks
  • Training Record Checks on crewmembers

Flight Operations

  • Acceptance and Pre-Buy Flights
  • Letter of Authorizations
  • Flight Crew Training, On-going training and Hiring if required
  • Compliance with regulations and authorizations
  • Flight Planning, Flight Following, Flight Scheduling
  • Travel and logistics handling and arrangements
  • Principal and executive logistics and travel coordination
  • Single Point of Contact assigned to your operations

Accounting and Reporting

  • Monthly Financial Reporting and cost management
  • Monitoring costs to budget and report any anomalies
  • Auditing and review of all aircraft-related costs
  • One simple and comprehensive monthly statement
  • Statement tailored to your specific requirements

Cost Savings

  • A unique advantage program that allows to pass on cost savings
  • Fuel Savings (20% to 25%)
  • Crew Training (25%)
  • Maintenance (10% to 20%)
  • Travel and Logistics (40% to 50%)

Maintenance Oversight and Compliance

  • Logbook and Maintenance Tracking
  • Warranty and Subscription Tracking
  • Maintenance scheduling and supervision
  • Maintenance release and status update prior to each flight
  • Oversight of costs and invoice auditing

Risk Management

  • Safety is first and Foremost at JGI
  • Development of Safety Management Systems
  • Development of Emergency Response Programs
  • IS-BAO certifications
  • Confidentiality and Protections of Principals and Aircraft

We understand the importance of managing every aspect of ownership from hiring pilots, tracking maintenance, aircraft and customer care to global handling and operations.

Our extensive and assimilated array of aviation support services includes:

  • Contract and Permanent Crew Support
  • Entry Into Service Support
  • Ferry and Delivery Services
  • Payroll and Contractor Management
  • Temporary Aircraft Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Support and Set-up

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