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Domestic and International Support/Deliveries

domestic support

In the ever changing aviation industry, companies recognize the need to remain flexible to the dynamics in staffing demands. JGI's aviation staffing services enable organizations to respond quickly to ever changing demands, fully manage aviation staffing costs and access highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced pilots. We can supplement your companies flight department on short-notice with on-call temporary crew support. All placement crews are current, qualified and operate the assigned aircraft on a consistent basis. All crews are covered under JGI's worker's compensation and commercial general liability policies thus insulating your company from potential insurance claims. JGI invoices, pays and deals with the tax implications of any and all crew services which eliminates any potential issues with the IRS.

International Support/Deliveries

JGI will place qualified crews with the appropriate international experience on long term international support needs. We reduce your exposure and risk by carrying commercial general liability policies on all our crew members that includes war and terrorism coverage. 

For international deliveries, JGI has the ability to take temporary possession of the aircraft with our aircraft dealer's certificate to deliver the aircraft safely and in a  timely fashion. We can give you one inclusive quote for delivery of your aircraft to include but not limited to fuel, flight planning, nav fees, permits, landing fees, overflight fees, crew costs and de-registration. We become the operator by taking temporary possession of the aircraft and handle all the logistics of delivering a newly sold or acquired aircraft. We have extensive experience with the one of largest aircraft manufactures in delivering new aircraft worldwide.