International Support / Deliveries

JGI has over 14 years experience placing qualified crewmembers with the appropriate international experience on short or long-term international support needs.

JGI has the ability to take temporary possession of the aircraft with our aircraft dealer’s certificate to deliver the aircraft safely and in a timely fashion if required by your company. We have extensive experience with one of the largest aircraft manufactures in delivering new aircraft worldwide.

Delivery Services

Flight Operations

Crew Support

Unmatched Crew Support Experience

Since 2005, JGI has been providing crew support services to the largest aircraft manufactures, Fortune 100/500 companies, owners and operators and wealthy individuals. We do not just maintain a database of unknown pilots. We engage our pilots and assess their backgrounds, experience and conduct reference checks to get to know every pilot we use on assignment. We know the crew we are sending you, not just searching databases.

Unique Recruiting Pilot Process

Our process in qualifying pilots is much different than most. JGI Pilots are referred to us and references checked by other pilots we know and trust. We fly with the majority of our pilots before you do. We assess their skills and personalities to better match a pilot with a client. We only use a pilot that we know will compliment your operations. Safety is first and foremost at JGI. JGI crew members attend currency, regulatory and aviation safety classes on the designated aircraft. In addition, all our pilots attend international currency classes to maintain the highest level of proficiency in international operations and regulations. JGI Pilots are held to the highest standard of safety.