Aircraft Management

Private aircraft ownership is a substantial commitment and investment. When managed properly your aircraft is a valuable tool and resource that can open up many new opportunities. When poorly managed; your aircraft can be the source of expense, wasteful time and potential liability. JGI works with each client individually to maximize safety, efficiency and asset value. JGI’s unique Aircraft Management Program provides aircraft owners with a commitment to safety, reliability, limited owner involvement in day to day operations and lower operational, travel, crew and administrative costs. JGI excels in asset management and will protect you in your aircraft.

JGI has proven experience in providing Entry Into Service training for operations new to a particular aircraft or aviation.Whether your operation is domestic or international – short term or long term – JGI is here to help.


Aviation Leading Safety Programs

JGI provides the highest level of safety and security while providing the highest level of service. Verifying that every flight is operated to the highest level of safety standards is a company wide culture. We can institute the programs that assure the safest operations:


Industry Leading Training and Operations

Safety is first and foremost at JGI.

All of JGI crewmembers attend currency and regulatory classes on the airplane every 12 months. All crewmembers also attend training on aviation safety. Additionally, all our pilots attend International currency classes to maintain the highest level of proficiency in International Operations and Regulations. We hold our pilots to the highest standards of safety in all aspects of aviation.


Comprehensive Maintenance Tracking and Invoice Auditing


Our account management team's experience in aviation accounting and reporting provides the client with reporting tailored to your specific needs. They include but are not limited to:

Whether operating domestically or internationally there is always risk associated with every flight operation. JGI will assess your operational, regulatory, security, and financial risks to achieve greater safety and security objectives for you and your aircraft. We will develop programs to reduce the overall risk of operations to ensure the safest and most secure environment. JGI will develop and implement programs in the flight department such as an Emergency Response Program, Safety Management System, IS-BAO certifications. We will develop programs and a culture that promotes communication, safety and security for all members of the team.